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Digital Works

Title - Negotiation
Year - 2014
Performers - Robert and Kerryn Graham

This performance is a dance of images and sounds.

The blindfolds heighten the sense of touch produced by the bonds. They also heighten the immediacy of sound and music and its important visual impact on the finished drawing.

The bonds represent the push/pull and negotiation that is required in all relationships.  The ability to negotiate effectively in a relationship has a multitude of benefits -  a healthier state of mind being the most important.

Title - Interpretation Negotiation
Medium -  Digital Print
Size - 5 feet x 2 Feet
Year - 2014

Blind Lines Drawn in the Sand
by Justin de Lima
In response to Kerryn Graham’s Negotiation Interpretation.
Blind marks in the sand,
In salt, spilt.
Spoiled cream.
An oil tanker glides across a sea of pixels; it
Wrinkles your nose and
Churns your stomach;
Drools. Drowning
Pools of grey and lavender
Worms wriggle in between
Forests of concrete. The rust permeates your fingertips.
Your fingertips.
You can’t escape the stale, bronze
That attacks your buds,
But you don’t spit up blood,
No, oil.
Black bile
Reveals a spectrum of primary colours and you forget
For a moment those
Lines in the sand
That decapitates kingdoms,
That brands peoples
And hacks hands,
And divides friends,
And hates
And hates.
Wegue wegue.

Title - Eye To The Sky
Year - 2012

A video documenting our attempt to beautify the environment and acknowledge our neighbours.